Welcome to Abodia


ABODIA is a design resource with a focus on interiors, art, architecture and travel. We interview artists and designers, as well as share decorating tips and travel advice.

ABODIA is also a fun project and creative outlet for Rhiannon Johnson and Sarah Hopkins - two friends living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia who wanted to collate and share all places, people and events that might be interesting to anyone else that takes delight in interiors, sustainable design, home decor and creativity here in Cambodia, and beyond.

ABODIA blog posts are inspired by Rhiannon and Sarah’s diverse design interests, their travels around the world, their multicultural community, and their love for Cambodia and South-East Asia.


About the authors

Rhiannon (@rhiannonjcreative) and Sarah became friends when Rhiannon helped break Sarah's fear of investment and indecision over a couple of gorgeous armchairs. Soon after these armchairs were perfectly situated in Sarah's living room they discovered their mutual interest in art and design, finding beautiful things in Cambodia for their homes, and discovering well-designed spaces in Phnom Penh.

Sarah and Rhiannon also love traveling, Cambodian tiles, lots of house plants, musical theatre, and being mum to twins (Rhiannon has twin dachshunds, Sarah has twin babies!) Rhiannon has lived in Cambodia for five and a half years, Sarah's for three and a bit.