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Shop The Look: Pantone Greenery

Shop The Look: Pantone Greenery

If you hadn't heard, Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year is, Greenery! 

Every year since 2000, Pantone has chosen a color of the year. This color reflects our global cultural climate (this year focusing on the concept of 'environment') and goes on to influence trends in all areas of design, from interiors and architecture, to fashion, product and graphic design.

Greenery is a bright yellowy-green that brings energy and a freshness to interior design. We love that it is inspired by nature, and symbolises vitality, light, and optimism.


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We have always been suckers for all things green. We love indoor plants, and leafy outdoor spaces... and green velvet is lush! So, inspired by our favourite color, and our new Pantone, we went on a quest for furniture and home accessories in Phnom Penh that would bring an energising dash of green (any green!) to your interiors. From vases, to chairs, to tea towels, wine glasses, and cushion covers, there are lots of ways to incorporate Greenery, and similar hues, into your home, office or kitchen.

Happy shopping!

See retailer addresses and opening hours below.

Display baskets from Bobo

Vases from Living IChing Décor

Chairs from Display

Crockery and candle holders from Decosy

Tea towels and enamel bowl from Trunkh

Armchair and vintage map from Living IChing Décor


Vases and wine glasses from Living IChing Décor


Cushion covers from   1) Living IChing Décor   2) Bliss Spa   3) Indulgence Interiors

Scented candle from The 240

'Wonderwall' wall art from Trunkh (customiseable colorways and themes!)

Foliage from Beong Keng Kang Market

Cushion covers from Trunkh

Blankets from A.N.D.

Framed print from Le Lezard Bleu

Reclaimed Cambodian shutter console from Trunkh

Retailers (A -Z)

A.N.D.52C E0, St 240 (next to the 240 Condo building)  |  Mon - Sun 8 - 8

Bliss Spa : 29 st. 240  |  Mon - Sun 9 - 9

Bobo202 st. 19.  |  Mon - Sun 10 - 7 

Decosy219 st. 19.  |  Mon - Sun 9 - 6:30

Display : 178ab st. 63  |  Mon - Sun 9:30 - 7:30

Indulgence Interiors23 st. 302  |  Mon - Sat 8 - 6:30

Le Lezard Bleu61 St. 240  |  Mon - Sat 10 - 7

Living IChing Decor31 Mao Tse Toung  |  Mon - Thur 9 - 6  /  Fri 9 - 5  /  Sat 10 - 5

The 24083 st. 240  |  Mon - Sun 8 -8

Trunkh : 180 st. 13  |  Mon 10 - 5  /  Tue - Sun 10 - 7

Photography & artwork by Rhiannon Johnson

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