Photo by  Tiffany Tsang

Photo by Tiffany Tsang

Rhiannon Johnson and Sarah Hopkins

Rhiannon (@rhiannonlizjohnson) and Sarah became friends when Rhiannon helped break Sarah's fear of investment and indecision over a couple of pretty awesome armchairs. Soon thereafter, they discovered their mutual interest in interiors, learning about new artists, and finding beautifully designed spaces in Phnom Penh - as well a shared frustration over often not knowing where to find things in this city, especially things for their homes! From this, the idea for ABODIA was born.

“We wanted to create an outlet for our mutual interest in design, as well as something that helped others find what what they're looking for in Cambodia - especially newcomers! Our backgrounds are in interior design and sustainable production in Phnom Penh, and we love this city that we've come to call home! We want to explore it further and share all the places, people and events we discover along the way and think are both useful and inspiring."

Turns out, Sarah and Rhiannon also love show tunes, ultra-fast manicures, travel, Cambodian tiles, lots of house plants, and being mum to twins… (Rhiannon has twin dachshunds, Sarah has twin babies... "Same same!" ) Rhiannon has lived in Cambodia for five and a half years, Sarah for three and a bit.